Earn 35% on every sale and $50 CPA for customers you refer that upgrade to an annual subscription.


6 Great Reasons To Join

Promote What Works

Advertise via PPC, Social Media, Email, or any other channel you want

Ongoing Rev Share

Massive 35% on reoccurring subscriptions with outstanding Life Time Values

$50 Per Upgrade

$50 CPA paid on all customers referred who upgrade to an annual plan

Dedicated Team

Expert affiliate management team to get you what you need when you need it

High Demand Product

Evergreen product with a growing trend in demand and user uptake

Last Click Attribution

Last-click attribution model with a massive and 90-day life of cookie


Who can become a Telloe Affiliate?

Content Publishers

Writing about marketing, coaching, mentoring, personal fitness, Counselling, sales, or other business content marketing? Earn money by promoting Telloe on your social media, blog or, other channels.

Marketing Agencies or Website Developers

Recommend Telloe to your clients and earn commissions, all while helping them manage their meetings more seamlessly.

PPC Paid Search Specialists

Run campaigns with 14-day free trial landing pages and attractive banners in both static and HTML5 formats.

Course Creators

Creating courses, webinars, or teaching coaching, personal training or sales-related training? Promote Telloe with affiliate links, make sales and earn ongoing money on each subscription.

Skilled Marketer or Allrounder

Decide how you want to promote Telloe to suitable audiences to earn great CPA and Revenue Share with the Telloe Affiliate Program.


Why work with Telloe?

As the founder of Telloe I have more than 20 successes in business and affiliate marketing behind me. My goal is to make the best product with the best customer support in the segment. I strive continuously to push my business to deliver the best life time value from its customers and the best revenue for you as an affiliate.

"I think to get richer, you want to be making money while you're asleep, and with affiliate marketing, you can do just that"

Roo Wright

Telloe Founder

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